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Kane Williamson: The Batting Hero

Kane williamson the new zealand captain

Kane Williamson is a cricket player of New Zealand. He is a right-handed batsman and right-arm off-break bowler. He was born in a Christian family on August 8, 1990(age 29 years).

Kane has one brother named Logan, who is a few minutes younger than him.

Both excelled in sports while growing.

He recently got married to his girlfriend Sarah Raheem (Nurse) on December 30, 2019.

Kane Williamson’s physical stats:

Height: – 5ft 9inch (1.75m)

Weight: – 66 kg

Biceps: – 13 inches

Waist: – 38 inches

He has a very fair complexion. His eyes are light blue, and he has blonde color hairs.

Education Background:

He did his schooling and college from the same place named Tauranga Boys College, Tauranga, New Zealand

Kane Williamson’s Journey:

  • Kane Williamson started his domestic (state level) career in April 2007. He played for Northern Districts, Gloucestershire teams.
  • In August 2010, he started his ODI career, vs India.
  • Also, he made his Test debut in October 2010, vs Zimbabwe.
  • He got a chance to play in the world cup in 2011.
  • In 2015, he was bought by the IPL (Indian Premier League).
  • Kane Williamson has played around 32 matches in IPL. His total runs scored are 1146. He made 50’s 11 times
  • He made his T20I debut in October 2011, vs. Zimbabwe.

Imagine a World Cup champion, an icon, a man at the height of his strengths indicating the world what he did to reach there: the years of hard work, the sacrifices, and the whole journey. Visualize who will win the trophy on behalf of the glad nation? Visualize who that person would be.

For me, I visualize it to be a normal, young, grounded person. He is intelligent, simple, and he inhabits his life in the period he is in. He doesn’t whip out or criticize, he doesn’t worry, and he doesn’t strive for anything except to do his duty, the one he was meant to do. He is Kane Williamson, from a calm, peaceful coastal city called Tauranga.

His duty is to stand up to every ball thrust in his path. His mission is to maneuver the ball into a void, to score runs for his crew. He has understood, via the numerous formats of the sport that he can score in several manners; accumulate, graft, improvise, wear down, or as he did against Australia, pull off a phenomenon shot under the ultimate stress.

His responsibility must do it all whenever the circumstance mandates it. His mission is to play what is in the guise of him. It’s an intimidating task, holding up the hopes of a rugby country. Not for an instant has Williamson thought of perpetrating anything else in his life implying what New Zealand is created of.

While an incredibly busy player, it’s his reasonable defense that stands out. The ball is greeted with a cushion in his hand, his framework right behind the chain, his head glaring the action down. In a Test he will bring about the bowler to pick up, in a one-dayer, he will angle and limit the stroke and divert to behind square for a run. The threat is little; the consequence is enormous in the long run. The bowler has to go straighter or wider than off stump. With width and length to influence, Williamson is in his character with a back-foot drive to compete for those of Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara. His leg-side and straight play are skillful and precise. When the spinners enter, he jumps, bounces and dances his way into the ball, building power from apparently nowhere.

Williamson is a tough player to concentrate against. Due to his modesty and absence of ego, it is harder for captains and bowlers to get ramped up about the ultimate urgency to eliminate him. His sedentary body language provides very little to feed off. Fielding sides are not strong when he is at the crease, often dropping catches that would contrarily be taken if a sharper focus was established. Williamson possesses that X-factor, which no one can quite clampdown. Honestly, he is David playing like Goliath.

From the opening, he was a spark about to catch. Batting fitted him from the moment he picked up his first bat; he had the precise height, fast-twitch muscles, balance, electric feet, and a curious mind. Then he started to thrive. Around him was a set of knowledge and support. He comprehended both and never forgot his lineages and origins.

They were wise and gentle people who saw in Williamson a chance to light the flame, to fulfill valuable ability, and to help a child embark on a nightmare. In this space, Williamson’s vision took off. He didn’t just make runs; he developed masterpieces. Enormous centuries, on a routine basis, came from a new mind that could discern what no other around him could see. He was very natural; also in his mental playground, he saw way beyond the pale.

By the moment he quit school, he had chalked up over 40 centuries at all levels, in all aspects, At such an early period, he was standing alone on automatic pilot. No one came near to him on the pitch. Off it, he was and yet is, and will continuously be, someone you would love to get close.

Yet for all their fantastic gift and courage, Williamson is the one who has a broader knowledge of where he is leading the way. There is no difficulty, only mere simplicity of mind and body.

What will Williamson exhibit when the stress is at the simmering point?

That kind of confidence is rare, not ordinary. Be positive; Williamson will have played this over and over in his vision. Therein lies the mystery. To discern it first. To own it. Then get on it.

Stats and records

Batting Statistics:

            Test              ODI T20I IPL
Mat 80 150 60 41
Inn 140 143 58 41
Runs 6476 6155 1665 1302
Avg 50.99 47.71 32.65 38.29
SR 51.63 81.79 125.0 135.06
HS 242 148 95 89
NO 13 14 7 7
100s 21 13 0 0
50s 32 39 11 12
4s 706 562 170 110
6s 14 49 36 44

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