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Fantasy cricket app Playone feature lists

Playone is a premium destination for people who are into a one-stop cricket gaming and this app is up and successfully operating.

This app is perfect for people who have a vast knowledge about cricket and people can earn unlimited cash prizes. This app is free to join meaning people won’t require to pay any fee in order to join this app. This creates a perfect opportunity for people to play and earn cash prizes simultaneously.  

Now you won’t watch others play cricket but you yourself can take part in it by moving to the players’ table and creating your own team. This app gives you an online space that is in accordance with the real-time matches and in this way you can keep on adding up the scores in respect to the happenings which are taking place on-field.

In this app, people can create their very own Playone team by using the knowledge they have regarding the game and their analytical skills. There’s more, people can not only make their own team but they can edit their team as well within the stipulated time and can easily earn points. People can use these points to earn cash by redeeming these points and then they can withdraw the amount.

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fantasy users and fantasy leagues data
An analysis of fantasy users in India

Fast Withdrawals:

When you play games on some other fantasy app, did you have to wait for a long period of time in order to get your withdrawals? You don’t need to waste your precious time because your problem has been solved. Now you can get fast withdrawals on Playone. It is really frustrating when a big match is about to come and you cannot play because of your withdrawal which is on hold and the search for finding a new fantasy app which does not cause you the same problem as the previous one is way more frustrating, as a result, your interests get lost and you quit playing games. You will be happy to hear about Playone because this app is void of these problems and attracts your interest like a magnet.

EMI Feature:

In order to play cash contests, you will need to pay the amount. For people for whom paying the whole at a single time is difficult, they can opt for EMI payment. In this way, they play contests and play the amount as well. People can make payment by paying through their Playone Wallet. In order to add money to people’s Playone Wallet, all they need to do is log into their account, go to the left top menu, click to my balance and here people will see a button named ”Add Money” by clicking this, one can add as much money as they want. There is an alternative way as well when people open their main screen an option for wallet will be visible on the right bottom and by clicking this, one can add money.

New fantasy app:

Playone is one of a kind app because of its new and better features like withdrawals which are fast and are without any hassle, EMI feature and verification of PAN which instant and will get people registered quickly.

Instant PAN Verification:

To get registered in this app, people will need to verify their personal information as well as contact details which includes: (i) Mobile Number, (ii) E-mail Address, (iii) Pan Card details; and Details related to the bank like Name, Name of the Bank, DOB, Branch of the Bank, IFSC Code and State. The images that are to be produced while registering should be scanned images of the original Documents and the image size of the scanned copies which are produced in the event of registration should not exceed 2MB. The photocopy of PAN will not be accepted and in order to get registered instantly, a person’s full image of PAN card is required and in the case of e-PAN Card, the person will have to send a scanned image of e-PAN Card including the front and back pictures.

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